Wondergat is a situated at a height of +/- 1460m above sea level, near Mafikeng in the North West Province. It is a popular inland diving site, but one should treat it with respect and not dive above one's level of diving. The pool is a natural sinkhole of about 250 x 300ft on the surface, with the maximum depth of Wondergat is about 70m when the water is high (the depth varies from rainy to dry season).

There are many overhangs one of the most famous called the wagon wheels you can take of your fins, inflate your BC to obtain positive buoyancy, and "walk" upside down on the roof of the overhang. It is called "Moon walking", and is as close as you'll ever get to it! The viz is normally between 10 and 15m, and the water temperature between 14 to 21 degrees Celsius. Freshwater shrimps, crabs, barbel and small freshwater fish inhabit the hole. The campsite is very basic but clean.

Remember Wondergat requires complete dive planning and an elaborate lost buddy procedure.