Technical Courses

At Underwater Adventures we teach the technical courses as they were meant to be taught. As experienced Nitrox (Enriched Air Nitrox) divers we appreciate the need for a structured and appropriate training course from an experienced Instructor who has a wealth of experience in deeper diving. At Underwater Adventures we cut out all the smoke and mirrors and teach it as it was meant to be taught. Clear precise instruction appropriate to the level of training. As for the pedigree, well we have been technical diving since before it had the name and have been diving mixed gasses before the courses were taught in this country.

So for any of the following courses please call for details.

PADI Nitrox

The PADI Enriched Air Diver course is designed to teach you the procedures for safe, recreational no decompression diving with enriched air.
Enriched air (also called Nitrox) is recreational diving's latest tool in the struggle to safely extend no decompression time. Especially in the 15 metre to 30 metre range, enriched air extends dive time by replacing some of the nitrogen in air with oxygen so you absorb less nitrogen during the dive.
To enrol you need to be a PADI Open Water diver (or equivalent).
The course will take place over either 2 evenings or one complete day ending with a final exam. Two open water dives are required using enriched air before qualification. You will also receive a new green crew-pak including manual and 3 new recreational dive planner slates.

Basic Nitrox (EANx) Diver

This Program is designed to provide recreational divers with a safer breathing medium for enjoying dives in the 12 to 39 meter depth ranges. The diver may elect to dive the "mix" on EANx tables or dive conservatively using their dive computers, or air tables, with an added safety margin. The TDI Nitrox Diver certification may be taught as a single Program or combined with a variety of the TDI Advanced Courses.

  • The Program covers the use of EANx mixes in the range of 21% to a maximum of 40%.


  • Certified Open Water Diver with a min of 10 logged dives.
  • Age 15 or over

Limits of Qualification

  • The Basic EANx Diver is certified to use mixes of 22 to 40% Nitrox as diving gasses.
  • Basic EANx dives will be conducted within "No Stop" recreational limits.

Advanced Nitrox

To provide recreational divers with a safer breathing medium for enjoying dives in the 0-45 metre range. The diver may elect to dive the "mix" on EANx tables, or as air, using their dive computer or air tables with an added safety factor. The Advanced EANx certification is adaptable and is a prerequisite for a variety of advanced or speciality diver courses. Decompression on EANx 100 will also be taught.


  • 25 Logged Dives
  • Must be a minimum of 18 years of age with a parent or guardian authorization or 18 years or older without guardian approval.

Limits of Qualification

  • Dive with 22% to 100% Nitrox/O2
  • Max depth 45 meters.

Gas Blender


The purpose of the course is to teach students to blend Nitrox gasses


  • 18 Years old

Limits of Qualification

  • Blend Nitrox gasses.

Advanced Gas Blending

The purpose of the Advanced Gas Blender is teach the studend the blending of high quality scuba gasses like Trimix


  • Nitrox Gas Blender
  • Basic Nitrox Diver
  • 18 Years old

Limits of Qualification

  • Blending of high quality scuba gasses like Trimix.

Stage Decompression

The purpose of this course is to teach the diver to dive with more than one cylinder, to handle the extra task loading and to do decompression dives. It also teaches the diver to do decompression on different gas mixes.


  • Open Water Diver
  • 25 Logged Dives
  • 18 Years old

Limits of Qualification

  • Decompression on air and if Nitrox qualified, decompression with relevant gasses according to Nitrox qualification.

Compressor Operator

(Dept of Manpower approved course)

The tuition of individuals to acquaint them with:

  • Legal rights and obligations in operating a high-pressure breathing air compressor.
  • Emphasise the safety requirements and safety procedures in handling high-pressure compressed air.
  • Give general advice on trouble-shooting, repair and maintenance on compressors and motors.


  • Must be at least 18 years old.
  • Must be a member of an SAUU affiliated Club, School or Association.