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Sodwana Bay meaning ”Little one on it’s own” in Zulu is a paradise for divers, bird watchers, photographers, fisherman and even spear fisherman alike.

Sodwana Bay is one of South Africa’s jewels of diving and will be an unforgettable experience to all that visit this place of paradise. Part of the St. Lucia Marine Reserve Sodwana Bay falls under the protection of the KwaZulu-Natal Parks Board. Accommodation of all types are available to suit all tastes.

Map to get to Sodwana bay


Sodwana Bay is one of the most southern tropical reefs in the world. These reefs run parallel to the coastline and are named according to there distance from Jesser point. Most of these reefs has been formed on Pleistocene sandstone which are the ancient remnants of dunes that where above the water a few thousand years ago. The Coral has grown onto the sandstone forming an underwater world of splendour.

A huge variety of fish species has made these reefs there habitat and over 1200 species can be found here. In comparison with the Great barrier reefs 1800 species in a area 10 times bigger than Sodwana Bay this makes the reef even more impressive. This doesn’t even mention the variety of coral and invertebrate species.

Take care not to harm the fragile coral reefs so that we can preserve them for generations to come. 

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