So, you want to learn to dive?
Great because we want to train you

First though we would like to emphasise that we will make it an easy and enjoyable time for you. So donít worry if you canít tell your flippers from your fins or mask from your goggles because it doesnít matter! What matters is that you are taught in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere where you can soak up all the details at your own pace.

Our Instructors are professionals who will take you from where you are now and lead you to where you want to be, competent, confident and qualified. We will back up your training with a level of professionalism that will pleasantly surprise you, and one thing we can promise is that by the end of your training you will be enjoying a different view of the world!

Our courses are run in Rustenburg every week.Courses can be
tailored to suit you we will also travel to you.Bookings is essential!!.

By the end of your training we will add depth to your life!

About our courses
Why choose Underwater Adventures

  • Friendly helpful instructors
  • Professional and conscientious attitude
  • The most experienced and friendly Instructional team in the North west province
  • We make it safe and fun!
  • We have a passion for our sport
  • We are always available for advice on diving and holidays after your course
  • Better than the rest!
  • Own Diving Club to continue your diving
  • Regular access to pool time for practise after your course

Underwater Adventureís teaching team consists of more than 2 Instructors, 2 Assistant Instructors and over 5 Divemasters who are all dedicated to your training.

The size of the team, the breadth of experience and multiple locations we train in mean that there is always a course starting near you soon, or if you prefer we can tailor a course to fit your requirements.

Another feature of Underwater Adventureís is that many of our Instructors were previously Instructors with other agencies like CMAS and TDI. Therefore if you are looking to cross over from another agency we have an understanding of your training so far.

For further information, please contact us via e-mail, call us on: +27 (0) 14 5333 296
or come visit us in Rustenburg.