Dive PLanning

Bass Lake was originally a dolomite mine, which flooded had to be closed down, is South Africa's most popular inland diving site, attracting all levels of dive students to certified addicts who need to be underwater!
Bass Lake has been largely renowned as an excellent training ground for divers on course, as it offers ideal conditions for wreck, night, deep, navigation, altitude, rescue, enriched air and dry-suit diving.Climate. To date it is the most dived inland site in the world, and still growing in popularity

During the summer (September to April) Bass Lakeis absolutely marvelous, as conditions are very ideal, with hot weather and warm water. But during winter (May to August), dry-suit diving or using a semi-dry suit is recommended, as the water can get quite chilly. Although the visibility tends to increase greatly during this period.

There are several ‘Toys’ for divers to play with include unique wrecks that have been donated to create a safe enviroment for divers to learn.

Included among these, there is "The Bus", Bass Lake's prime attraction. It lies in 12m of water and is approximately 12m by 3m. You are able to look inside but not to penetrate unless you hold a "wreck specialty" certification. A submarine - whether it worked or not is still a mistery.

Aquatic life include large mouth black bass (which the dive site is named after) the preditor fish are can be seen at any time of the day. Large, shy crabs can be spotted along the walls of the lake and on the silty bottom making their way to whichever destination lies ultimate.