9 Mile

Dive Spots on 2 Mile

Two Mile Reef is situated 1.3km north of Jesser Point, 1km offshore which takes approximately 5 to 10 minutes, by boat, to reach. Two Mile Reef is one of Sodwana’s largest coral reefs at 1.7km long and 900m wide at its widest point. The reef lies in a North South direction.

Two Mile reef is referred to as a Pleistocene dune with a sandstone outcrop. The dune being the shallower parts, while the beach was the area in which sponge reef is situated. The reef has a huge variety of fish and coral species making it one of the most diverse reefs in the Sodwana Bay region.

Each dive spot, on this reef, has its own unique characteristics making each dive a new experience.


Caves & Overhangs

Coral Gardens

Deep Sponge

Four Buoy


Stringer Reef

Anton's Reef - 2 Mile Reef

Average depth is 15m. A fantastic variety of residential tropical fish and dense shoals of Big-eyes, Moorish Idols and Snappers hover above the coral. Scorpion fish, Moray eels, big Potato Bass, Marbled rays and Triggerfish are a common sight. The coral is dense and varied, excellent for photography


Average depth 10 - 15m. The formation of the corals resembles that of gullies and caves, sandy patches flanked by over-hangs, walls and swim throughs. Occasionally a visit from a shoal of dolphins, whale shark or large pelagics may be seen.

Gullies, Caves and Overhangs

Average depth is 10 - 15m. Resident Potato bass are up to 1.5m long. Sea turtles and rays are often seen here. A wide range of coral and invertebrates occur in this zone because of the shallow depths and good light penetration. Small sharks can be sighted too.

Corel Gardens

Coral Gardens is a sensitive part of the reef with beautiful formations of staghorn and knob-horn corals.


Four Buoy

This is a well known dive site lying at about 12 meters. Rocky outcrops and overhangs that are rich in fish life surround the sand patches found in the area



Between quarter mile and 2 mile and a little inshore lie the tiny but mighty Stringer reefs. Tiny, as they are 2 small reefs close together but mighty as you are likely to spot a variety of large and small rays including the giant manta rays, dolphins, whale sharks and turtles. Not only do large game frequent these 2 small reefs but it also acts as a nursery for juvenile fish. This is a truly world class dive.


Deep Sponge

Deep Sponge lies parallel with 2 mile but 500 metres further out to sea. The depth ranges from 20 metres to 35 metres. A lovely deep dive, offering divers massive vase shaped sponges and interesting marine life, such as the beautiful blue ribbon eel and the rare long nosed hawkfish has been sighted here. A good dive option when a strong surge is present on 2 mile, however only open to more advanced divers.